Bus Transport from Yangon to Bagan

If you are looking for a cheap alternative to travelling between Yangon and Bagan, you can try the overnight bus/coach service which takes approximately 9 hours of travelling. Out of the various options like flight, train, private car and coach, I decided to take and review the service of the top overnight coach service which is none other than JJ Express.

There are various coach services that you can choose from the bus terminal. The bus terminal was something which I have only seen before in Siem Reap years back, nothing like what Malaysia or Singapore is like currently.

Basically the service on the coach itself is premium standard like no other. If I were to make a comparison, it came close to an experience on-board a budget flight. I am talking about the coach crew, refreshments, on-board entertainment, etc.

The 9 hours journey that I travelled is somewhat nothing compared to a 27 hours bus trip which I took before in Europe. That was one eye-opening experience of my life. On JJ Express, there was one pitstop which was made for a toilet and dinner/supper break. The place was decent enough with lots of eateries and small snack shops which you can buy to snack along the way. But for me being an overnight trip, I decided to use the time to rest so that I will have sufficient energy to start the next day exploring. After the 30 minutes stop however, the bus crew( somehow she reminds me of a cabin crew) came pushing a trolley down the aisle inside the coach offering hot tea/coffee/juice. They also handed out a box of snack which consist of a cake and a bun.

After getting ourselves fed happily and warm with the hot coffee, it was time to snuggle with the cosy blanket and recline the chair back to fully rest. It was also time to switch off the cartoons and sleep. The aircon was optimum in the coach and we have control of our own vent in the above compartment. Everything was good! Soon, I was in lala land till I reach my destination.

To summarise the booking and ensure that you have made the booking correctly, here are the steps below:

1- Book your tickets for JJ Express here: (bus)
2- After making payment, the tickets would be sent to your email address
3- Print our your tickets and keep the physical copy when you go to the bus station to “check-in”
4- Check the date and timing of the coach. Always be there early, a good 30-45 mins in advance would be good for “just in case”.

A word of advise: Never strive to have a “nearly missed my flight” situation, it will just dampen your whole trip at the end of the day. When I was looking for the various options to travel between Yangon and Bagan, there were so many options and factors to consider. Even when I had finally found the right bus company, I had to find the right contacts to ensure that I made my booking well and proper. I do not like to find myself stuck in a situation where the booking was not done properly or something like that. The purpose of this post here is to ensure that you have a safe trip and eliminate unnecessary time doing all the homework and you can spend more time finding out about fun stuff that you can explore and discover in this trip.

I have friends who usually asked me, since I stay for quite a while in one place and made friends there, won’t I be sad when I have to go. My answer is simply: Life’s like that, we came, we conquered and we moved on. Alright, not that dynamic I guess (insert emoji for roll eyes please). To be honest, I do not feel the sadness when I leave a place but reality will start to step in the moment my plane lands in Singapore and the pilot announce ” to our dear Singaporeans, welcome home” *cue burst of tears!!!

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