For the egg fans, different ways of preparing eggs

One ingredient, many ways to prepare them. I love them so much that it is hard to avoid them at all. For dear friends who goes for non-dairy or non-egg meal, I am speechless. There is another side of the world which you have not seen *cue music: I can show you the world #egg

Here is a list of various ways that I love my eggs, not hating on any of them as the main ingredient is still egg!

1. Singapore Style Soft Boiled Eggs. Honestly, this is one thing I missed when I travel sometimes.

2. Hardboiled egg, left longer in the hot water. Not a true fan of this but sometimes it goes well with some boiled potatoes for me.

3. Devilled eggs, something fancy for your pansy? I mean would you fancy some eggs with fla-vah!
4. Sunny-side up fried eggs. I love those runny yolks! Break it when eating with rice and uhmmmm I am salivating just thinking about it #backtobasic

5. Another partner of fancy eggs, will be the Scotch eggs. Nope, no alcohol inside but just pure minced meat packed around the soft boiled egg and deep fried. A perfect scotch egg will have the yolk semi-liquid and flowing when cut open…Yumm!
6. This is French style, spoonable scrambled egg, now this is questionable to me but I found this on It seem pretty easy but the recipe calls for 10mins worth of effort, making sure it curdles with the right consistency. Not for me but someone would love to cook it then why not?

7. Omelette, another simple break! Break the eggs together, whisk them, you can add in some tomatoes or cheese or sausages and then pan-fry them. Lovely~ Goes well plain or eaten with rice (oh my gawd, I am Asian so please).

8. Poached eggs, another association to those who loves classy dishes like eggs benedict and stuff. I won’t reject this too. Look at that flowing yolk perfect to dip with some toasts!
9. Tea Eggs. A super hot favourite whenever I am in Taiwan. I do not need anything else except this, onigiri and a humongous bottle of Yakult from 7-Eleven!

10. Shakshouka eggs. Somewhat a middle eastern egg dish. Eggs are broken into a tomato based sauce and then double baked till the eggs form a white film on the top layer but still contain runny yolk. Served with those bread-type of pastry like naan, etc.
11. Now if the eggs are so good and fresh (better if organic), then do it like how the Japanese and Koreans do. Eat it raw. Koreans love it inside their bimbimbap or Yukhoe (pictured above: raw beef tartare) while the Japanese love to dip their steamboat meat into a bowl of beaten raw eggs…to me…All Yum!

12. Home made scrambled eggs. Super back to basic. For those lazy days…

I just felt like making such a random post to dedicate to my favourite food ever: eggs~

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