Playbrush: Best gift Idea for a 3 year old

Recently I came to know of this Playbrush toy! It is a gadget that can turn any manual toothbrush into a game controller.
People around me are like having children or celebrating their kid’s birthday; so the diversity of gifts that I have to look out for now have to include a category for children. I do keep buying basic stuff like clothes, diapers, hampers, milk powder, toy then comes the age between 3-6 years. What toys can make them be in touch with technology and yet gives them the fundamental need to inculcate good habits.

There were articles posted on newspapers about the rising trend of tooth decay in kids. Reports and statistics like 1 out of 2 school going kids have tooth decay by the time they start primary school. Does this mean that parents are feeding sugary stuff and candy to their kids? Well, we are not here to talk about that.
All I did is note that down and go on the search for the right gift to start young. That is when I laid my hands on the Playbrush thanks to SampleStore. To be honest, I do not have a kid around to test it out but if a kid can use it, why can’t I? At least when I gift it away, I know of the benefits and value of this item.

I went on a homework study and read up the instruction and stuff but I realised that using the Playbrush is just so simple:

1- Firstly, it has to be charged and meanwhile, download the app “Utoothia” from App store or Play store.

2- Secondly, plug in your toothbrush into the device and turn it on simply by shaking it. Voila! the plain toothbrush is not turned into a capable gadget to fight monsters and win the battle. Okay, definitely this would have enticed a kid or two.

3- Playing the game was simple of course but importantly, it follows the direction of the toothbrush moving, it will lead the child to cover the whole surface area of teeth to ensure proper brushing.

After this whole experiment, I can now gift it to another kid to have fun with it. Brushing their teeth every morning and evening is going to be a wholesome and fun experience for them.

Next key thing, you can purchase your very own Playbrush either for your child or as a cool birthday or xmas gift! Click here to find out more!

Use the promo code: PBSG2016 for a $20 off if you buy now.


Another cool event happening is the contest held by SampleStore, which you can encourage your kids to take part and win!!! Click the link now!

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