Making friends when Beyond 30

Remember the times when Sweet 16 used to be the milestone of our lives then it turned to Legal 18, then Adult 21. The next thing you know, 30 years old came and passed. What we were so busy doing for the major part of our lives, we may never know. Running and chasing for all the things that we can never bring with us when we die but yet there is still that speck of motivation to do it. Why? well, as long as we are alive on this earth, it is our social duty to live our lives respectfully and with a fulfilling purpose.

Soon, I will be 3X years old, I look back at the 30 years old me and my friends. What went on and what changed in our lives? Some get married and settled down, some had babies and secured their career while some went for a deep turbulent change in their lives, work, etc. Everything will end one day that is what I believe in: expiry date. Yet during this period, change will happen and change is a constant.

Leaving an impact on lives around us need not be the case where we have to be highlighted in the news or become super popular as such. How we behave and treat the people around us is important enough for us to leave a legacy or a notoriety deed. I believe in always continuing to meet new people and making friends no matter what age. IF you have not reached the age 30, you may not understand what does it mean to be fatigue when all you did was use your brain at work. You would not get it when we said we need to nap so that we can function better or when we do not see the end goals of certain things then we may not be bothered to try it out (in other words, wet blanket).

But here are my suggestions to other 30 plus individuals, just remember that every moment that you passed it is a chance lost forever. You can never get it back.

1) Attending social events: As much as you want to just crash in bed after a long day at work, it is out of due courtesy to show-up in gatherings and events even for a short while. Of course out of respect to the hosts and also use this chance to meet new people and hone your communications skills.

2) Certain behaviour just irks you, the way they talk may get on your nerves and every small little things matter. The chance of going out to find a new BFF may be very low but try something new! Go and experience group meetings with people of the same hobby and passion as you. Are you into Yoga? Zumba? Pottery? Baking? Or are you into playing chess? So find a club that you can meet people who talks the same lingo as you

3) Now for the more brave and bold individuals, there are so many speed-dating and singles meeting event that you can just join in. Most are free or at most a nominal fee for the food and drinks for the night, I mean you still have to eat your dinner right. At most you get to meet 1 or 2 jerks but you are over 30 this kind of thing would not make you throw up your food at them (that is going to be such a waste).

4) As much as we strive to find a soulmate or BFFs for live, I do feel strongly in making a wide range of friends. Keeping in touch with trending stuff, technology and the hype is nothing than just being updated. It is a skill when it comes to connecting with people of varying ages. I don’t think it is wise to just hang around people of the same age. I mean it is sweet and everything that we grow old together and all but when you get really old at that certain point it will be kind of sad to know that your friends are passing on one by one (oh the terror!). Therefore, don’t you think attaining new young friends is as rare and precious like catching a rare Pokemon with high CP on Pokemon Go (just had to).

At the end of the day, we are simply at the age where no one can tell us to do things against our will. The Chinese phrase for it is 翅膀长硬 (Chi Bang Zhang Ying), your wings have fully developed and grown tough. We don’t take no Bulls**t and ain’t nobody got time for that, cos I’ve got 99 problems and Bi**h, you ain’t one!

You do you; just be free and easy with life. Pressuring ourselves unnecessarily may not bring us somewhere good instead our mind is not at its best in being focus and directive at certain goals. This is because we are able to filter the sh*t around us and advance towards the light at the end of the tunnel. So Congratulations! Crossing 30 have evolved you with more power and a higher XP 😀

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