My Dream Staycation

At times, when I get tired of travelling. Rather than blaming it all on age factor I would choose to say that I’d prefer to just chill and relax on staycation. While it sounds like a great idea travelling and discovering new exotic places, precious times spent in a luxurious staycation place back at home is also a blessing for one.

For a group of my girl friends, we love to socially hang out and arrange for special staycation party once or twice a year. It would not take away our time from work and other obligations so there is no way someone cannot make it. The only time you would not appear at my staycation party is if you ARE NOT INVITED.

In Singapore, it is different unlike overseas where the apartments and AIRBNBs are so much cooler. Here, booking a hotel room is much more worth it and special. I love reaching out to boutique hotels where the design, class and style is fascinating most of the time.

Things that I look for when booking all these hotels in Singapore includes:
1 responsiveness to email enquiries
2 replies when I inform them purpose of stay, such as birthday event or Hen’s night or just a rejuvenation stay.
3 price vs location. This can be quite a tricky and sensitive portion, to some of the hotels which states they are located centrally or town area sometimes I do not agree with their prices only for the right reason which I will state in the next point
4 Nearby amenities. As much as a staycation means to stay and relax in the hotel, it is definitely a plus point if within walking distance around the hotel there would be shops or eateries available. You never know cause sometimes it is not just about ordering the hotel room service…

I have listed my favourites below, so if you have been to any of them then thumbs up to you for your good taste! ๐Ÿ˜€
1- Naumi Hotel
2- Scarlet Hotel Singapore
3- Wangz Hotel
4- Hotel 1929
5- The Club Hotel
6- Wanderlust Hotel
7- SouthBeach Hotel Singapore
8- Nostalgia Hotel
9- New Majestic Hotel
10- The SouthBridge Hotel

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Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.

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