We are all Human

I am not a lamp, I am not an animal and I am not a thing. I am simply a human being. We may be different from one another in terms of race, religion and even beliefs. But deep down we are all similar, we feel pain, joy, sadness and anger. Having emotions are normal and that is what makes us a living being. But being able to communicate out the feeling makes us special, that makes us human.
When we meet with challenges in life, be thankful that it is an opportunity for us to grow stronger and tougher. We need to learn to let go of certain things and move on in life. But that is how we can judge ourself. What happened when it is our loved ones, our friends, colleagues, family members face challenges? 
Do we go all glorified with positivity and tell them: “Just move on, no point crying, what is there to be sad/angry about?” 
Before we talk to them in that manner, ask ourselves: Am I qualified to do so? Can I ever feel what the other person is feeling? Can I ever be in another person’s shoes? Most likely than not, you are not, you would not and you can’t. What make people different is also the mind that we have up there. Unless you are an A1 robot, from whatever star trek galaxy (Ohhhh, generation old reference). Nobody can be the same. The things you went through last time may happen again and look similar on the surface but due to time change and advancement, it WILL be different. 
By telling others to simple move on and “look on the brighter side”, it can get irritating to a certain extent and trust me, you just made yourself be disliked by someone (take note, its dislike not hate). That also can be the cause that your friends decide to just brush you away by bottling their true feelings cause you are never keen to listen to them. Inevitably, you are causing them more pain by not letting it go with the hope that they look strong to you as if they have no feelings. 
Worse off if they cried to you and you are not able to handle it, your sympathy may not be needed any time at all.
So why do people feel down or happy or angry or tired? What do they look for? Sometimes all they need is really a listening ear and releasing of emotions. Crying, shouting, laughing, breathing strongly…Expressing such emotions doesn’t mean that you are weak and having problems managing your emotion department, it means you trust your feelings and you can take charge of your emotions. Cry and let it go because you know after you have emptied that you will be ready to receive, goodness, positivity and friendships much better.
Associate with better people, smarter people, human beings who can show love and can teach you to shower blessings on more people around you. These traits are what you want to pick up and plant inside of you. Learn to be more sensitive towards people around you and you will see yourself emerging as a much more stronger person. Be strong, be happy!


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