LG: Unleashing Kitchen Potentials at IFA 2016

To my tech-friends and readers, when you are savvy enough about tech stuff you know that the upcoming IFA is a big deal. It is the time for traders, partners, component manufactures, buyers, seller and other trade visitors to have the chance to shine and impress the trade visitors. In other words, the time where all the best in the industry comes together. An event not totally open to public and it is recognised to be the leading global CE/HA retail exhibition worldwide.

Released from Seoul on 29th August, LG Electronics is putting their premium kitchen appliances on full display. at the IFA 2016. Showcasing the best of their innovative and popular appliances for the kitchen; providing a total solution centre.

Two of my favourite appliance which is a must have at home: LG improved Door-in-Door refrigerator and the NeoChef Microwave.

– LG’s improved Door-in-Door refrigerator is designed to allow access to frequently consumed food faster and easier. The ergonomic design eliminates the need to constantly open the entire compartment, reducing cold air loss by up to 41%. Think of all the energy savings that you have made! Another refreshing feature available in the LG’s French Door and Side-by-Side models will be the Instaview Door-in-Door which was first introduced in LG Signature refrigerator. Knock on the door and it will instantly make the tinted outer window of the Instaview Door transparent. Now I can see what I have without opening the doors even!
Coupled with the refrigerator’s Wi-Fi Eclipse Display shows the temperature inside the refrigerator and freezer, the display panel streamlines operations and makes the fridge looks aesthetically amazing.

– Coming to the NeoChef microwave; the appliance is equipped to provide enhanced user convenience. Taking a look at its aesthetics, the glossy front panel combined with a refined matte exterior feature the minimalistic design and allows NeoChef to seamlessly blend and match with any kitchen decor. Along with LG’s Smart Inverter technology reduces cooking time and ensure that food can be reheated or defrosted more evenly. This makes it easier for home chefs to create tastier, healthier dishes. With the Smart Inverter, home chef can create specials like yogurt making, melting chocolate or butter and dough proofing. Furthermore, the Anti-Bacterial EasyClean Coating inside the NeoChef eliminated up to 99 percent of harmful bacteria with just three wipes. Talk about tech savvy, LG is upping their game with the client-centri focus and innovation to create a futuristic lifestyle for everyone!

Of course there are other applicances such as the LG SteamClean dishwasher and LG’s Speed Oven+ to talk about, but I will not feature them in this post. If you are keen to find out more, you can head down to their website: http://www.lg.com/sg to check out more.

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