Preparing for the Haze!

Just like any other Singaporean, I am Kiasu when it comes to preparation for unforeseen circumstances and I do not really like unexpected surprises. In the month of September, it is the time of the year where we welcome our neighbours with their cloud of smoke into the country. Yes, you guess it; Haze. During end of august, there was a day where the sky suddenly got so thick and smelly one morning and that lasted for a whole day. At that time, it feels like I was not prepared…No, we are not prepared for it! So I went home, prepare the mask, fan and also had my portable aircon ready when we are indoors. That got me thinking; we are actually quite prepared (and kiasu at that too), the next few days however the sky was clear and there was no strong indication of pollution in the air at all. Yes, the PSI was in the normal level though some of my friends can still feel the sting in their eyes or itch in their noses but generally it was all okay.

Till this point in time, there is really nothing we can do. I am sure all of us wish that we can put a glass ball around Singapore and adjust the AC to full blast mode, I mean since we are at it how about some snow as well! But we can only do so much for ourselves on each personal level. For this instance, if you can’t beat ’em then run away from them.

1. Go on a holiday. Make it a long one, if this is the time to go Europe; then go. Go for as long as you can. 1, 2 heck make it 3 months.
2. Stay indoors, close the door and window and blast your aircon and turn on your Air Purifier. When you think you are recycling the air indoor, with the air purifier it helps to absorb the haze and pollutants while it simultaneously rids the home of bad smells. Thus, it keep your environment free from the harmful particles in the air.
3. Hydrate, drink lots of plain water. The magic of drinking plain water is endless!
4. Bring the necessity, sunglasses, mask, sunblock and fan if you have to. Weather may turn harsh, it can get balmy and hot. When you can’t stop it, then try to minimise the effect.

Recently, I gotten my portable aircon after many donkey years! I had enough of the sweaty, hot nights during our summer period. If you are looking into getting an Air Purifier:

 LG Air Purifiers S209WC

 LG Air Purifiers R459WN

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Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.

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