When it’s just 2022 miles away from home… (Shilin Night Market)

By NoemiJay
Guest writing original post 

Hey guys! It’s been sometime. Hope you guys enjoyed the walk through to Shifen; now let’s head back to Taipei for some shopping session! Shopping is one of the must-have in our dictionary because we need retail therapy to balance up our mood. 

So where shall we go today? 

Let’s head to the Shilin Night Market (“士林夜市”). The night market is located near Jiantan (“劍潭”) metro station along the Tamsui-Xinyi line (red line). Many of us might have been misled by the Shilin metro station, which is one stop after Jiantan metro station. Thinking that Shilin metro station is the station to get down to go to the night market. In fact, the correct station to alight should be Jiantan because Shilin metro station is pretty far from the night market. Well, accidents do happen though but who cares, you’re on a holiday anyway.

Taipei Metro Map [Source: Wikipedia]

Shilin night market, being one of the most popular night market in Taipei, has got yummy food that would make people queue up regardless of how long the queue is. There’s also one full stretch of shopping street where you could get stuck inside the shop for hours just by visiting the fitting room time and again.

Shilin Night Market shopping street [Source: Expedia.com]

Shilin Night Market food section [Source: Guide to Taipei]

The food section has been moved to underground since December 2011 and was named the Shilin night market basement food court. Yes, it is located at the basement, where all the food smell consolidates together and form yet another new “fragrance”. Did I mention about what type of food they sell in the basement? They have the usual smelly tofu, fried oyster, tempura, you name it, they might have it all! Just pick the stall you want and take a seat, order and enjoy!

Route to basement food court [Source: Guide to Taipei]

Shilin Night Market basement food court [Source: Youtube.com]

Shilin Night Market basement food court [Source: Youtube.com]

After the food indulgence, it is time for some shopping to walk off the bloated stomach. Up you go to the shopping streets where you can grab souvenirs for your loved ones back home at an affordable price. Other than souvenirs, you can grab some local food such as pineapple tarts, sun cakes, jellies, etc. from the food stall around the precinct.

Now let’s head to the rest and relax section – the shopping street!

Shilin Night Market shopping street [Source: Expedia.com]

Along the shopping street, it is filled with people, locals and tourists who came to grab cheap deals and get some good retail therapy. Let us see what we have here in Shilin shopping street. If you want to have some new additions to your wardrobe, this is one of the must go in Taipei. A street full of apparel shops where you can shop till you drop. Their style, some inspired from Japan while some from Korea. Well, they do have inspirations from Mainland China as well. From head to toe, hats, shawl, top and bottom, socks, shoes, accessories, etc. You name it they almost have it all. They are usually sold at an affordable pricing, i.e. range from TWD99 to TWD500, depending on what item catches your eye. You can also find souvenirs such as magnets, keychains, etc. here for your loved ones back home at an affordable price.

Shilin Night Market shops [Source: Wikipedia]

Shilin Night Market shops [Source: Alamy stock photo]

Shilin Night Push Carts [Source: Wikipedia]

As you walk on further, you will see some shops selling sports stuffs. From sports apparel to accessories to shoes! They have some unique designs where you cannot find them back in Singapore. The shop name is Momentum.

Momentum sports shop [Source: Google maps]

I was here during my solo trip. I managed to grab a polka dot Adidas jacket. It really caught my eye and wow! It was unique in the sense you don’t find it in Singapore. No one else has the same as yours, unless they bought their jacket here too. Walk this street and you will find unexpected surprises. Try it, feel it and do it!

Along the way, you see stalls with UFO catchers and those stalls we only see in pasar malams in Singapore. Go in and have some fun! Turn back time to childhood days. Let down your hair and enjoy the games. If you had more than three to five tries with the UFO catchers, you will get the prize itself. The shop owners set this rule such that you have used a certain amount that is enough to purchase the plush toy and if you still do not get it, it will be considered as you buy the toy. Amazing indeed!

Games shop [Source: Round Taiwan Round]

UFO catcher shop [Source: YouTube]

Another must try in Taiwan, would be having a new look before heading home and that is, to have a hair do!

Glamour Hair Salon [Source: Google maps]
Glamour Happy Customer Source: [zsiti]

There are a few salons in this precinct and I happen to visit this particular salon which was recommended by my friend – The Glamour Salon. I did a perm with a hair dye too. It gives me a brand new look to head home. Feeling refreshed and happy! Do make some plans to have a new look whenever you travel. It is not necessary to have a haircut or a change of looks. It is within the heart. Go for a holiday break, loosen the tightened stress level out and relax. Go home with a light heart and look forward to your next travel destination again! That is how we keep things going.

I hope you enjoyed my brief walkthrough of Shilin Night Market. This is one of the must go when you visit Taipei. A place where you eat and shop till you drop.

Thank you for your time and stay tuned for the next destination on other parts of Taiwan!

Till then, be happy, strong and healthy to travel and discover more corners of the world that would surprise you in a different way.


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