JETSTAR releases a Business Hub and FlexiBiz class!!!

For the cost-conscious business travellers in Singapore this is good news for you!

Jetstar have just introduced FlexiBiz just for you. The product bundle will provide you with the option of greater legroom, additional carry on and flexibility in changing schedule for departures on same day without incurring any extra fees.

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What are the other benefits of Jetstar FlexiBiz?

  1. Jetstar extensive network covers many top business destinations with frequet flights at business times
  2. Check in online and use their self-service kiosk to print and go straight-to-gate for Ultimate convenience.
  3. Enjoy friend service before, during and after your flight at a cost which is perfect for your business!
  4. With Jetstar Business Hub, you can Hold a confirmed booking for 48 hours before payment, this gives you time to finalise your meeting and work trip details.
  5. Create multiple logins for your team members and you can save time with lesser admin work to do.
  6. The best thing is every month you can generate a report with all your business travel expenses.
  7. Use the Jetstar app to easily manage your booking spontaneously.
  8. Only on the Jetstar Business Hub, you can add on the FlexiBiz bundle that flexes to your business needs!
What are you waiting for? Register now at
Just for a limited period only, the first 1,000 Jetstar Business Hub sign-ups for the service will be eligible for a SGD100 FlexiBiz flight voucher

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