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Just for styling sake, I am good to go with anything and everything. To me, as long as it covers means I am dressed. That explains the outrageous outfits that I have sometimes and the wide range of style which sometimes maybe too loud. But hey, just work it girl!

Defining the Bohemian style; it’s people who live unconventional, usually artistic lives. But basically to me, I see it as a lifestyle where you do not only care for fashion but let it flow naturally. So in this aspect, I diverge from Bohemian style to another theme; Secret Garden


Talk about unconventional, how is this pose guys? Why must I stand straight? Why can’t I cross my hands? Rude you say? Well, you..are rude….*flicks hair

Bohemian is a rising trend right now, with the laid back dresses and unconventional patterns all over. The other over the top adornment such as statement pieces necklaces, earrings or headgears. In this orange dress, the over the top collar was something that I’d prefer. It was more of a turtle neck collar with the vintage decorative.  

Apart from that wearing statement headgears, such as the floral headpiece or headbands also adds up to brighten the OOTD (Outfit of the Day).  

This was the introduction into my Secret Garden theme, imagine bright, colourful flowers growing in a dark place hidden deep in the woods. To bring out my dark coloured dress, I threw on a vintage piece jacket on and top it off with the bold, and bright floral headgear.
This pose was just one of the behind the scene for the photoshoot of the day!

Everyone was into the Secret Garden mode. It was a competition to see who managed to create a good marriage between the dark and the fancy design. Of course, we had a winner from the day!

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Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.

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