Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2016 #PinkRibbon

Before september end (or have it ended?) Please wake up! #songreference Let us prepare for the arrival of October, apart from my upcoming Korea trip (super excited!!!), it is also going to be a month chockful of activities and fun. In this post, I would like to remind all of you of the breast cancer awareness movement. In Singapore, the Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) was set up with a life mission to eradicate breast cancer as a life-threatening disease. If detected earlier, it is curable and with the raising awareness of breast cancer BCF hopes to encourage women (and men) to screen themselves regularly, any cancer cells may be detected early and chances of surviving the disease will be greatly enhanced.

If some of you kdrama-fans are into the show “Jealousy Incarnate” showing right now, it is a super relevant show which I would highly recommend. By chance, the show talks about breast cancer in men, going for scanning (mammogram) etc. Apart from all my favourite actors and actresses, the storyline is something to look out for.

Now back to the official event itself, BCF was started up way in 1997 and in the month of october there would be special events and activities that happen in different shapes and form. For one, you can pin on a pink ribbon to show your support for the breast cancer awareness movement.

Where to get the pink ribbon pins?

You can get them with a small donation amount at any of these stores: here

Secondly, you can register and take part in the Pink Ribbon walk 2016. (Update: although registration have already ended, you can look forward to take part in the walk next year). It will be a sort of carnival and beside the fun time for everyone to gather, a lot have been put into thoughts to create an impact on the movement to show the support and encouragement. All It takes is a little effort from everyone of us to get our loved ones to be aware of our own body.

Here is a short clip of the last Pink Ribbon Walk 2015:

Thirdly, coping with breast cancer and its treatment can be challenging and it may affect one emotionally. It is of utmost importanceto stay mentally strong and healthy. BCF have launched the BCF education and Empowerment Programmes aimed to build the right support context for women with breast cancer. That is why there are people who volunteers who joined to give timely support and counselling to the patients.

BCF relies on donations, sponsors and fund-raising activities to run the various programmes and services, you can donate any amount to show your support to the cause by clicking here

Will you be wearing your pink ribbon this year? 🙂

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