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For years we have seen multiple attempt and articles posting about no make-up or encouraging ladies to go bare-faced and be natural. Till a few months back, Alicia Keys came out to show her point and realisation to create the revolution of not covering up anymore. She wanted to transmit the empowering energy to be open and free. True to her words, during the August 2016 MTV Music Awards, she came wearing- no make-up.

To a certain extent, media influence have its powers and strength so even if some reports went on to challenge her by saying that she can do so because she is naturally beautiful, a part of me still wants to believe that it is the natural flaws that matter and makes a difference.

While I was trying to stick to a no make-up routine, I get bothered by my own insecurities of my skin. The blemishes, pimple marks and uneven skin tone. It takes a lot of effort (and facial…and money) to maintain a natural no flaw skin. Even then, if you do love putting colours to your face, making your skin base look dewy and smooth as freshly fallen snow-what’s wrong with that? I recalled a conversation that I had previously with a friend:

Friend (F.): Siti, why do you bother putting on make-up? for whom do you want to show?
Me: *laugh shyly and goes away to do my own thing.

TBH, what I had wanted to say would be: well bruh, 10 years ago without make-up it would be called natural and pretty, but now if I don’t do that then it will be pretty scary. So it is a social responsibility! That would be a mouthful to say and it won’t benefit any of us anyway. Thus, I chose the option to just LOL and walk away.

For just this effort alone, I would give A.K points for it. The general public still being influenced strongly by media and especially their idols, hopefully this is a positive move to bring us to realise not to be overly-dependant on make-ups and be confident of yourself #YouDoYou
I am anticipating and eager to see how wide this revolution movement will spread itself, as what others have been posting on the #nomakeup all these while.

In my point of view, I feel confident and free when I am “covered”, having the right make-up and colours to suit what I am wearing and my mood for the day. It is something that I take pride in, as much as I do judge others who goes out sloppy or in a mess, PLEASE never give the reason that you are being “natural”. That is just a case of simply being plain lazy. If I want to judge others then I am also open to others judging me that is why I take upon it as social responsibility to be decent and presentable like a human being.

When A.K says that at the end of the day she still love her blushes, lipsticks and make-ups, I let go a really big sigh of relief. Looks like it is not a big bad thing after all.

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