My Hair Evolution

In Pokemon Go, most people will want to make their pokemon evolve with the highest CP possible. Well, as for me I’d prefer documenting the changing style of my hair over time. From short to long and then short again. From pink to green to black and blonde. As long as the treatment is done right, scalp health is always important to be kept top priority.

But then again, it is also important that you have your hair bleaching (if applicable) done at the right places by professionals. Technically speaking, bleaching is bad for the hair and it should not be applied to the roots but when done proper, it would not be life-threatening or whatever. Why, I would make this claim if you were to ask is because of a conversation I overheard between my stylist and her other customer.

customer: Eh, every time you dye your hair, I heard that it is not good leh. Can cause cancer.

(The best comeback ever from another person which I do not even think is too much)

Stylist: well, most importantly we are professionals so we should know if the products are good or bad for ourselves or not. Then if dyeing hair will cause death, then we may be facing a shortage of hair stylists liao loh.

Can somebody just give this lady a standing ovation?

If there should be one concern, something that I went through after a year of bleaching and hair dye, it definitely took a toll on my scalp. From the end of 2015 to date, I let my hair and scalp rest and went through nearly a year of treatment. So over the period, I neither dye my hair nor cut them off.

As a means of motivating myself, there are so many different hairstyles that I want to try and do so I can’t wait for next year to come!

From Pixie cut to medium length wave to straight hair to bangs and volume, what would be the trending style of 2017 which I should try next? 

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Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.

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