Bespoke Mixology with origin scents at Oo La Lab

Oo La Lab, Singapore’s very own Craft Fragrance Lab brand is now available with unique fragrance design and scent mixology services tailored to the individual as well as the home environment.
Using only the finest raw ingredients sourced worldwide and stored in small batches, Oo La Lab prides itself on creating scent to evoke ambience and mood.

With its very own Oo Fragrance Table – Oo La Lab’s perfume periodic table, 24 primary Fragrance Profiles are broken down into natural state building blocks. Each of these blocks, once reconstituted, will create unique olfactory combinations – from a pure single profile scent to a complex one, with as many profiles as imagination and preference allows. The possibilities with Oo La Lab are endless!
Started by founder Terry Jacobson, with an idea conceived almost nine years ago whilst on a delayed layover in San Francisco, Jacobson believes that creating sensory experiences through our very human sense of smell can shape and positively impact ourselves as well as the spaces around us.
 Oo La Lab-created profiles can be used for ScentWardrobing – where unique fragrances can be worn on different occasions to match your outfit, the occasion, or your mood. Oo La Lab is also proud of its ability to deliver a distinctive service of ScentScaping– where profiles are created to match interiors based on physical design characteristics like colour and texture.  This means that tailor-made profiles can be used not only as a personal perfume but can also be used to create a 360multi-sensorial experience with an Eau de Parfum, a natural soy Candle or a Reed Diffuser for the home.
Scent profiles are crafted via the Chemistry of Oo – an hour-long workshop or via a one-to-one consultation with the fragrance lab’s resident mixologists. Each Fragrance Personality Profile is stored on file with Oo La Lab, ready to be recreated on the next visit. Eau de Parfums and Reed Diffusers can be crafted and prepared immediately after each workshop or consultation, while natural Soy Wax Candles will be made off-site and be ready within a week.
For scent enthusiasts who prefer more conventional scents, Oo La Lab’s Ready-To-Wear or RTWrange, has a strong collection of pre-blended fragrance notes from the Oo Fragrance Table. These pure scent origins would also make an impact for any wearer, with their easy-to-layer and refreshing fragrance personalities. In addition, popular favourites designed by ‘Oo’ mixologists are also available for purchase.
 “Oo La Lab is a fragrance design and mixology service for a new age,” says Jacobson. “By choosing to craft a unique scent in Oo La Lab, you are creating a unique impression, not only on yourself but also on the space around you.  
Oo La Lab is available at Commune Home at Millenia Walk, Level 2, Unit 52. Prices start from $48.
From now till 31 Oct 2016, as the official fragrance partner for Singapore Fashion Week 2016, Oo La Lab will be hosting a pop-up at TANGS Orchard Level 2.

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