How to enjoy the holiday without breaking the bank

School Holiday is approaching and everybody is just getting ready to toss their bags out the door.

Okay, maybe I was exaggerating a bit on that last point. Nonetheless, I am sure we are planning ahead what to do to keep the upcoming holidays occupied!

Well, we can always sleep the days away but come on guys, that is boring!

For those of you who are not going to be working during the break and yet you want to spend the holidays doing something meaningful and fun (on a budget), I have the stuff you need.

Now, I just thought that the gif of the Olsen twin was cute but nope, this is NOT a limited time offer! You can do it anytime you want. Sounds dubious enough, well read on and you will find out!

1. If you are a sunny person, and you love the outdoors.

Check out the free trails in Singapore, from Nature Park walks to free trails like as Sungei Buloh wetland reserves. You can enjoy nature and the scenery as you travel along on foot or bicycle.

Also, check out the water sports at Singapore Wake Park or Paddle lodge. Guaranteed to give you loads of fun and an aching body probably ;P

2. If you are more of a chill, calm and composed person who roams about to explore and learn something new (kids and adult friendly)…

Then visit the nature farms that we have here in Singapore. Check out places like
– Bollywood Veggies Farm
– Farmart Centre
– Jurong Frog Farm
– Kranji Farm Resort
– Ericsson Pet Farm
– Animal Resort

3. If you love the outdoors, yet all you wanted is to get the vitamin D without the extra sweat and all:

– Go kite-flying, locations like Marina Barrage, East Coast Park, Punggol Waterway park, West Coast park, Jurong Central Park, Bishan park; have more than enough space for all to play and have a wonderful display of the colourful kites against our clear sky.

4. Feeling a little bit more adventurous and you would love to cross the waters, then you can consider:

A: Pulau Ubin
B: Kusu Island
C: St John’s Island
D: Sister’s Island.

Note: you do not need to bring along your passport for these places 😀

5. Have a picnic or play Pokemon Go (if you are still in that play mode)

Places like Singapore Botanic Garden, have a calendar of events every month. Do check them out cause you may be lucky and get to enjoy the open concert or the free garden tour and more!

If all events fail, that means you need a wet weather programme, no fret youmight have to spend a little bit more cash but these are sure to keep you occupied during the holidays.

i- Ever feel like you can be a parkour master, come try your jump at The Yard
ii- Want to feel like you are spiderman climbing and jumping off walls, then look for Bounce Singapore or Onsight Climbing Gym.
iii- Spending time talking while getting your catch will be the most multi-tasking thing that you can do ever. Have you tried prawning before? Enjoy the afternoon talking with your friends while you catch live prawns and then bbq them on the spot to enjoy dinner! 2-in-1… efficient!
iv- Well, if you are still a sports enthusiast who loves water, then swim at our only indoor swimming pool at OCBC Aquatic Centre. You will have to check out if there are any events going on when the pools will not be open for public use.

Now, if you ask me what do I do for my holidays, firstly I am a single working adult. Effectively speaking, I enjoy no school holidays at all. But when I do have a long break, I prioritize rest and relaxation. Other than that, travelling and work takes up the rest of my time!

If you have any other recommendations of budget ways to enjoy the holiday without breaking the bank, send them to me below in the comments or you can reach me on twitter/ FB/ Instagram!

Do remember to follow me on my social media:

Twitter: @ zsiti
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Facebook: @ sitishyuhaila
Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.

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