ACUVUE® Oasys® 1-Day, the lens that changes everything!

Confidence, beauty and glamour comes from within and how do we decide on that?

I do believe in the phrase, “Eyes are the windows to your soul”. Most of the time, when I want to go out with convenience and style I love to use contact lens to have clear vision. Second to that, comfort and satisfaction of quality will be my other focus (pardon the pun there).

When ACUVUE® recently launched their ACUVUE® Oasys® 1-Day, I was super excited to try them as well. In fact, I was already an ACUVUE supporter. They are one of the brands I use which have high moist content which gives me what I am looking for; comfort and moisture, so that my eyes do not feel dry during the day or when I take it out at the end of my day!

ACUVUE® is committed to bringing healthy vision to everyone, everyday. When I scheduled my appointment to go down to experience the ACUVUE® Experience Centre (AEC), I can truly feel the premium and comprehensive service rendered at the outlet.

Stay tuned to the end of this post, because You will NOT regret it (hinting: promo as always!) But don’t look down now, be patient and stay with me.

This was my first time experiencing the ACUVUE® Experience Centre, there was a flow of process which the optometrist, Cheryl went through with me:

– I opted for my preferred outlet which was W Optics in Suntec City. It was one of those glam eyewear shop which I have never stepped in before especially when it look so chic, so imagine my excitement going into the shop and all! First and foremost a comprehensive eye check was done,
– As I mentioned my optometrist, Cheryl, was there to welcome me when I arrived at the shop. She was super patient and kind to explain every single tests that was done. She was very gentle yet competent when it comes to explaining about my vision measurement and prescription. I also gotten a comprehensive eye health assessment and checked for any signs of UV damage on my cornea.

– After getting all the tests done in the room, we went on to do the lens fitting, to try on the suitable lens! This is my favourite stage sometimes, cause I get an extra pair of lens (if you want to think of it that way), but I am more curious to the part where I can ask for practical advice if I was putting it on the right way or is there another better way to handle the lens.

#FUNFACT Did you know that the new Oasys lens have a laser engraving at the side to show if you are putting on the contact lens properly. It is a label “123” being laser on the surface, so if you can read the numbers properly that means it is the right way in.

As I love to get some colours into my eyes yet I do want to ensure that I am using the right kind of contacts which are safe for my eyes, I gotten a box of 1-DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE®as well. There were two new series: Radiant Charm and Radiant Bright which looks so natural and fancy at the same time. Times where I would like some pop of colours in my eyes, I would go out with the Define lens which lightens, contrast and enlarges my iris (naturally). Where in my line of work, I do have a fair share of seeing people and often for long hours so these lens keeps up with my demanding days.

Just to explain a little bit more about this ACUVUE Oasys Hydraluxe, it is an enhanced network of tear-like molecules that enables it to integrate with and support the tear film in our eyes. If you were to ask me how does this molecular bonds matter or make a difference to us. In layman’s term, it is the same as when you compare the increase threads counts in bed sheets will make it more luxurious and soft! Exactly similar concept. For those of you are starting to step into the working society and getting the feel of the demanding lifestyle in Singapore, ACUVUE got you covered 😉

Demanding days that you have at work may lead to a destabilisation of the tear film, and that is where we can get tired eyes, strained sight and some headaches or migraines at the end of the day.

Why not avoid all those by going to the root of the problem?

To top it all off, we are living in a tropical country, Singapore like most other countries, we are not spared from exposing our eyes to harsh sunlight all year round. ACUVUE is the only contact lens brand with internationally recognised standard of UV protection across its entire range of products. Of course for added protection, you are highly encouraged to put on UV protective sunglasses when outdoors.

I thank you all for staying through with me here so as a reward, I would like to share with you a great deal!

Download $30 e-voucher to try ACUVUE® OASYS® 1-Day (Voucher will also be valid for other key brands – Define™, MOIST® for Astigmatism, MOIST® Brand Multifocal) by clicking the link here. (terms & conditions apply)

The retail price of each box of ACUVUE® OASYS® 1-Day is S$72 ( 30 lenses in a box).

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