LG Electronics (LG) is excited to announce the return of its highly anticipated LG Red Fair ongoing till 31st January 2017. This edition features the latest LG innovations, from home appliances, home entertainment, mobile communications and air solutions. Enjoy amazing rewards in the form of free gifts and vouchers when you make new purchases. Just in time for Christmas and the New Year, the LG Red Fair certainly gives you reasons to revamp your home and enhance your lifestyle!   
Nifty Home Appliances for Sophisticated Homeowners

Driven by the philosophy of “Innovation for a Better Life”, LG has launched a wide range of home appliances, from LG Styler to LG TWIN WashTM, DoorinDoor refrigerators and CordZeroTM vacuum cleaners. These solutions are aimed atbringing you convenience and enhance your quality of living.

Check out the best deals for LG Home Appliances below:

Given Singapore’s humid and balmy weather, the LG Styler is a boon for office-goers and proud fashionistas. The marquee steam technology refreshes clothes in a fraction of the usual time. It also automatically sanitizes clothes and eliminates more than 99.9 percent of bacteria and germs. The Styler is also equipped with the Moving Hanger that operates at 180 revolutions per minute, shaking out creases and eliminating any odors in the process.
Especially ideal for large families, the LG TWIN WashTM allows multiple loads of laundry to be handled simultaneously, thus saving you time. The powerful main washer handles the bulk of the laundry while the mini washer can be set to run a different wash cycle. Separate your whites and colored items to avoid color runs. The mini washer is also perfect for delicate or special items that require a unique wash setting, such as lingerie or baby clothes.
LG’s DoorinDoor refrigerators enable users to quickly and conveniently access favorite treats and commonly used ingredients withouthaving to open the main refrigerator compartment. This innovative feature makes it easy to organize items such as canned or bottled drinks, sweets and condiments. The Door-inDoor feature also reduces the escape of cold air by up to 41 percent compared to opening the main fridge door of conventional refrigerators. The upgraded Hygiene Fresh+ air purification system employs multilayer filters and a proprietary fan to help sterilize andremove bacteria, viruses, mold spores and odors from the fridge’s interior.
The CordZeroTMseries is a boon to the busy homeowner. Buoyed by the Smart Inverter Motor™, the series packs maximum suction, high efficiency and durability all in a compact size. Whereas a conventional motor employs a carbon brush which is prone to wear and tear, the brushless Smart Inverter Motor operates on frictionless magnetic power and has an extended operational lifespan of 1,000 hours.
Other than the above-mentioned, LG also has a comprehensive suite of home appliances, from side-to-side refrigerators to dryers, front-load washers and more. Selected models are eligible for the LG Red Fair promotion with free gifts up for grabs including hand blender, rice cooker, microwave oven, garment steam brush, juice extractor and 1-year supply of Laundry Bundle (10 boxes of detergent sheets).
Experience Home Entertainment like Never Before with LG TVs

With its array of OLED, Super Ultra-high-definition (Super UHD) and UHD TVs, LG has managed to elevate the home viewing experience. (The OLED TV is without question the gold standard in the industry) What distinguishes OLED from others is that OLED has the ability to turn each individual pixel on or off. This makes backlighting unnecessary, which allows the TV to display perfect black and an infinite contrast. OLED’s deepest black also serves as the perfect medium for colors to be rendered accurately with more vibrancy, eliminating the usual light noise that can be found on LCD TVs. This superior visual experience is complemented with premium sound, powered by Harman Kardon.

Complete your Home Entertainment experience during the LG Red Fair!

The LG Super UHD TV has a resolution four times higher than Full HD. Its IPS 4K Quantum Display panel keeps extraordinary picture quality undistorted. The Billion Rich Colors feature divides and subdivides colors into a broader spectrum, allowing for more precise color adjustments. On the other hand, the UHD TV series comes with HDR Pro, which adjusts the brightness of your screen to bring a life-like clarity to images. The models also boast LG’s user-friendly webOS 3.0, which offers you direct and instant access to premium content. 
LG V20: Smartphone that Pushes the Frontiers of Multimedia Experience
The LG V20 is the latest in LG’s V series of smartphones, delivering the highest multimedia capabilities available in a mobile device.
To achieve both a sophisticated look and solid durability, LG uses lightweight aluminum, together with a new silicon-based material, for the product design. AL6013 metal, found in aircraft, sailboats and mountain bikes, was selected to cover the back of the phone due to its sturdy but light properties. The top and bottom of the phone are made of Silicone Polycarbonate (Si-PC).
Purchase the highly raved LG V20 during the LG Red Fair!

LG Red Fair Promotion
Free Gift
LG V20
Free mobile casing premium pack worth $88 while stocks last.
Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, the LG V20 boasts new features including Hi-Fi Quad DAC, HD Audio Recorder, Steady Record 2.0and front and rear wide-angle lens cameras to deliver best-in-class performance. Its Hybrid Auto Focus (HAF) ensures a sharp picture every time. A fast and stable auto focus is delivered in any environment by integrating three AF mechanisms – Laser Detection AF, Phase Detection AF and Contrast AF – for both videos and photos. It is also the world’s first smartphone to come preloaded with Android 7.0 Nougat OS and the new Google In Apps phone search function.
LG ArtCool Air Conditioner: Sleek Design for Modern Homes
Boasting a mirror-finish designer style, LG ArtCool is recommended for homeowners who want an air conditioner that can blend with their homes’ interior designs. Its stylish design comes with tempered glass, which helps to maintain the luster and shine for longer periods without tarnishing or fading. Registering only 19dB in volume, this unit is one of the quietest air conditioner in the market and promises quiet cooling without disturbances. Enjoy up to 60% energy savings when you use the LG ArtCool Air Conditioner at home.

Enjoy even more savings when you purchase LG AirCool Air Conditioners during the LG Red Fair!

LG Red Fair Promotion
Free Gift
LG ArtCool Air Conditioners
S$150 Choice Voucher with System 2 ArtCool (Mirror or White)
S$300 Choice Voucher with System 3 ArtCool (Mirror or White)
S$350 Choice Voucher with System 4 ArtCool (Mirror or White)

The LG ArtCool Air Conditioner will also complement any house beautifully while providing clean air through its protection system. This system keeps families safe through a series of five unique stages — filtering, deodorizing, eliminating, ionizing, and auto cleaning — that greatly reduce the spread of harmful airborne bacteria and viruses.

For more information on LG Red Fair promotions, do visit http://www.lg.com/sg/promotions

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