L-Gluthathione Magic Cream review

January have started strong where I am referring to the weather. I am supposedly expecting cool and rainy weather but who would have known that the day starts to get warmer over time. Oh boy, I wish I can run immediately to some cold countries right now and hide away from the heat! Even staying by the beach would be a great idea, as you can see from the image above just go for a swim whenever you feel like it…ahhhhh!

That is why when I do not have a need for make-ups, I will just go out with minimal make up (nearly bare-faced except for CC cream and lippy) but protected with my sunblock. My current favourite sunblock and sunscreen products are currently by Cathy Doll.

With the Cathy Doll L-Gluthatione Magic Cream, the new formula provides High-Definition UV Protection and immediately brightens my skin with one single application. The L-Gluthatione Magiv Cream is packed with SPF 50+++ that protects my skin from UVA/UVB effectively.

The other cool effect of this magic cream, is they engaged the power of cool water splash technology, the L-Gluthatione Magic Cream effectively wards off heat to deliver intense cooling sensation and penetrates skin layers fast to minimise dryness. An amazing claim of the product is that the L-Gluthatione Magi cream do not just blocks out the harmful sun rays but effectively wards off heat to deliver an intense cooling sensation!

That bought me over to give the product a try! Combining L-Gluthatione and Whitening together with pore tightening treats, aids in making my skin brighter and free from dark spots. Such great

With that being said, after applying topically, my skin becomes smoother, moisturised and lighter over time. Staying outdoor have never been so convenient and well protected. When staying indoors in an airconditioned room, my skin do not feel dryness as well. This has got to be my go-to solution for now as it is an All-in-one moisturising hydration, sunscreen protection and heat-warding product.

One last point that I must add is how lightweight the formula is, it blends easily and rapidly penetrates into the skin yet it is not greasy. Just the way I like it!

Application: I have not tried any other product in the market right now that is similar to the Magic Cream. Dispense a small amount of the magic cream, rub your skin and the cream will magically turn to water which will seep into the skin. Then watch your skin gets lighter and moisturised for the whole day!

To get a tube of this Magic Cream right now, click here. It is selling for only S$9.90 for a 60ml pack! Something that I can carry around conveniently and it does not cost a bomb to do such fine work!

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