My BeautyKeeper Secrets

Do you have dry skin? Pimples? Uneven skin tone and more?

In this blog post, I have something good to share with all of you dear readers, I have recently received a few items from BeautyKeeper and let me share with you my secrets to saying Goodbye to dry skin!

Most of the time, I leave home with my sunblock and lippy only. A fully make-up face will depends on the events for the day. For the past few weeks, what I have tried on is the Crisstar Oxygen & Hydrationist Skin Repair. Phew, that was a mouthful but the name of the product took my breath away as well. It boasts of repairing my skin and providing oxygen and hydrating it too. All the goodness that my skin needs, kept away in a bottle.

The Crisstar Oxygen & Hydrationist Skin Repair has been developed specifically for soft, sensitive and delicate skin of Asians like myself who experience dry skin, amidst other ailments. Probably due to the weather change, air-conditioning  and even due to ageing, our skin gets weaker over time. That is why, skincare is an important part of the routine which we should start as early as possible.

Before I start reviewing the content of the first product, let me highlight the amazing packaging that it comes in. This product package from Taiwan comes in a gorgeous 300ml pink bottle with a crystal like top cover, at the same time there is a small bottle with the spray head which can carry up to 9.95 fl oz (app 300 ml). It would be great idea to bring around in your bag and you can spray the mist on your face whenever you feel like it.

When it comes to the ingredients that made it work, it contains six natural plant extracts formula, free from alcohol and other artificial additives. In fact, the 6 plant extracts comprises of witch hazel, chamomile, aloe, licorice, glycerinum and Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF).

Steps to using the Skin repair solution.

Step 1: Remove make-up and cleanse my face.
Step 2 : Place the charcoal mask into a container
Step 3: Pour a bit of the solution and watch the mask expand
Step 4: Remove excess solution
Step 5: Place it on your face and leave it on for about 15 mins
Step 6: Remove the mask and pat your face to get the solution to be absorbed further.

After a week of using it daily twice a day, I saw improvements to my cheeks and chin which are the dry areas and prone to pimples. Do not think that dry skin means no pimples!

I have to avoid using skin care products, eg toners which contains alcohol as that will dry up my skin even more. That is why I am transiting to using more natural and organic skincare products gradually.

If you are keen to find out how to purchase the Crisstar Oxygen & Hydrationist Skin Repair, click on

Let me show you once more on how beautiful the packaging is. It made my dressing table look like a legit princess table right now…Hahahah but I have no complains as long as the treatment is princess worthy and it works for me…why not!
For the next item, which I have on hand will be the Aurelia Aurita QQSeries Moisture Jelly Toner. Yeah, I know it sounds like food but as you know, anything that is good to be eaten means it will be good on your face as well.

Online Price: S$42

Aurelia Aurita is a type of jelly fish, so researched and produced by Evermed Medical Laboratory with the new breakthrough- ultra aquatic technology.

Main features of this toner includes the skin moisturising, skin repairing and skin soothing effect. It soothes and softens the skin while flushing out the pores. This is one of the purest toner which is easily absorbed into the skin and the best choice for daily moisturising.

With the Aurelia Aurita collagen from Japan, the component is a natural protective layer to trap moisture within. It then repairs the dull and ageing skin, gradually making your complexion lighter and smoother.

Using the Jelly Toner, it comes in a clear glass bottle with a tone of blue. It makes me think of the ocean and the breeze. The wonder of the product comes when I squeezed some onto my palm, it comes out as a gel but upon rubbing it the gel turns immediately into water. As I pat the water into the skin, my face feels cooler and it mattify immediately without leaving any sticky feeling.

I loved it too for the fact that there is no funky smell or fragrant coming from it. For a 125ml bottle, the price of the jelly toner lies in the range of the other facial products which I am using.

When you are looking for the daily toner to help improve dry skin, try this Aurelia Aurita QQ Series Jelly Toner. Click here, to purchase the Jelly Toner.

While I am using both products simultaneously, I spend more time in the evening with my night routine. That is why I kept my jelly toner for the night use and Crisstar Skin Repair in the morning.

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Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.

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