The Answer to my prayer!

Venus & Mars, Sandro Botticelli

I am excited to announce that I have found a personal attachment to a range of product from Bioderma Singapore! After trying various brands of makeup remover, nothing comes close to the effectiveness of Bioderma Sensibio H2O. Although I do not have on full and heavy make-up for work daily, I still feel obligated to clean my face properly every night. Previously, I feel a sense of achievement when my skin feels bouncy, super smooth and taut after cleansing. As much as I know that is not the right effect, my brain can’t stop telling myself that my face is not clean if it doesn’t feel squeaky clean (YEAH, OMG I know).

After learning all about the bad effects that harsh products can give me, I decided that it is time to give the much needed tender-loving care to my face. First comes in Bioderma Sensibio H2O, compared to my normal cleansing water (liquid or tissue) I feel that I am wasting so much products and cotton pad as not all of the makeup will get removed fully with just the first swipe. But when I dab some Bioderma Sensibio H2O on the cotton pad and swipe across my eyes and face, swoosh! My make-up came off fully. Even after when I use a clean cotton pad to swipe on my cheek, it stays white and clean.

Did you know that Sensibio H2O is the world’s first non-rinse cleansing solution using Micelle Technology?

Trust them when it comes to micellar waters and the superiority of the product. When it comes to derma cosmetic, I’d prefer using the best in the market to care for my skin.

Amazingly, with such a small amount of product, it meets two purpose:
– cleans my make-up
– my skin still feels smooth and supple and the fact that there is no excess product on my face.

Just so you know, Bioderma Sensibio H2O is approved by dermatologists and it is formulated with highly purified water to suit even very sensitive skin. With unique biomimetic molecules (molecules which are identical to those naturally found in the skin), it offers gentle yet powerful cleansing and make-up removing efficacy. No wonder, my skin still feels soft and comfortable after cleansing.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O is retailing at major Watsons, Guardian, Unity and Robinsons Store at an awesome price of only $15.90 (100ml), $28.90 (250ml), $41.90 (500ml).

The NEW release which I tried is the Bioderma Sensibio Gel Moussant.  As recommended by Bioderma, this can be part of a double cleansing routine or it can be used alone. I added this product to my night routine after using the Bioderma Sensibio H2O. Coming back home from work and outdoor, my skin have naturally been exposed for the whole day to dust and dirt in the air and that is why the practise of double cleansing in the evening with Bioderma Sensibio a gentle cleanser that cleanse and soothes my skin. On the other hand in the morning, I usually just go ahead with the gel moussant.

Bioderma Sensibio Gel Moussant gently cleanses yet it hydrates and soothes sensitive skin. Enriched with skin conditioning ingredients such as coco-glucoside and glyceryl oleate, it also has lipid-restoring and moisturising properties. This simply means, it is like feeding the skin cells with the relevant nutrients it need to be able to repair itself and be much more healthy and stronger.

If like me, you are also curious to find out what else can be done during the rest of the day as we are exposed to the natural environment while at work or study- I have the solution!
I carry out the *NEW* Bioderma Sensibio Dermatological Water, unlike other face sprays, this spray contains highly purified water that is enhanced by a perfect balance of mineral salts and oligo-elements thus it soothes the skin while maintaining healthy skin cells.

Where are the peeps working in airconditioned room all day everyday? Yeah, I feel you, I totally do. I don’t really like it when certain part of my skin gets dry and could get patchy when it is too cold, this dermatological water works wonders for me. Yet again, if you have sensitive skin, the soothing agent such as mannitol, rhamnose and zinc provides quick and lasting relief to sensitive skin. I was basically spraying it as and when I like to freshen up my skin and the best thing- No need to pat dry!

The formula gets absorbed into the skin easily that you do not have to pat dry your face after spraying, so efficient!

As you know, I like to use the full range of products when I start using because I believe that the products are usually made to complement each other. If you want to purchase the range of Bioderma products, head down to the nearest Watsons, Guardian, Unity, Robinsons, Tan Tock Seng Hospital and National Skin Centre. Check out the products online as well at

Just for you my dear readers, Bioderma is giving a free 3-day trial which you can assess how good the products will work for your skin, click the link here to register and proceed to get your free sample!

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Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.

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