Surviving the hot weather in Singapore with Three Legs

Singapore have started to move into the hot season and to some it may be kind of a hot surprise since the weather occasionally alternates between sudden downpour and then scorching hot. These are definitely things that we cannot avoid since it is nature and it is uncontrollable.

Don’t we all wish that we live and work by the beach everyday, so that even if the weather is mad hot we can just go for a quick dip to freshen up and then get back to whatever we are doing.

My advice to everyone, if you can’t beat it then join it. No, who am I kidding, let’s not do such silly stuff however what we can do is to have a subtle fight against the heat.

Now, I am not kidding. There are many ways we can avoid being scorched by the heat, unless it is your job nature to be in the sun most of the time it is very crucial that you do your very best to stay out during the super hot timing of the day (for example when the sun is right above our head at 12 noon, etc).

Idea 1:

Stay indoor, inside an air-conditioned or well-ventilated room with a cooling fan. Go out only if you have to and check the timing when the sun is not at its peak (12 noon-2pm)

Idea 2:

Wear light, thin clothes (the best will be clothes made out of cotton, linen, rayon, etc). If you are able to wear sports quick-drying breathable clothes then just go for it. You would want to stay comfortable and happy all day long.

Idea 3:

Bring an umbrella or hat out, coupled with the coolest pair of shades that you own. Strut the street like your runway.

Idea 4:

Drink loads of plain water, it can be chilled if not iced. This is important because when you already feel heated up, it would be natural to cool yourself from within. I am not encouraging everyone to drink iced water but having some chilled plain water will make a difference.

Idea 5:

To expound on the top idea 4, of the many different liquid that you can consume to replenish the loss of water from our body. I would introduce cooling water, which contains all the natural minerals that our body needs during this hot season. My current favourite drink to go to will be Three Legs Cooling water, I am so happy to find out that they have launched flavoured ones and the 3 New Flavours are amazingly nice!

Since I totally support this idea of consuming cooling water, I am happy to share a great deal with you, if you would like to get some sample of the new flavours of cooling water (lime, guava, lychee), you can pm me on my instagram @zsiti_ on this image post (above)

Specially for those who do bulk ordering as well, there will be an attractive discount that you cannot miss. For further enquiries or details, you can call 6275 6275 or email to

Idea 6: 

If you can’t be inside an Air-conditioned room, then bring an AC around with you. Okay, you should not take this seriously. Just a casual remark on my part, however you can bring along a portable handheld fan and I know that the mini portable aircon also exist!

Idea 7:

There is totally no scientifically proven answer to this but having a facial spray mist helps to soothe my skin as well. What happened previously as I was walking outdoor for a short while, the next moment when I went indoor, I could feel my face starts to feel a burning sensation. I proceed to use my Bioderma micellar water spray since it has a soothing and anti-heat component. Well, at least it helped to relieve the sensation of discomfort that thus leaving my skin feeling radiant and soothed. I was saved…

Let me know down  below in the comments section what are the other ways that we can “fight” this hot season in Singapore or how have You been battling the heat?

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Till we meet again, this has been zsiti.

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