Every Thursday It’s the Postmodern Jukebox Edition | Monti at 1-Pavilion

For the first time ever in Singapore, jazz genre Postmodern jukebox will claim its music spotlight every thursday night at what is the arguably the most beautiful jazz lounge in the world, Monti at 1-Pavilion.

Every thursday evening, The PostModern Jukebox Edition will feature local favourite Beverly Morata headlining alongside Stephen Francis on piano, Eddie Jansen on bass and Tama Goh on drums.

Guests can catch creative musical madness with cult classics such as Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer” turn vintage jazz or Bruno Mars’ ” Grenade” flipped into a 60’s bebop beat at the weekly regular timeslot of 9pm to 12am.

pic of the Jeremy Monteiro & band performing taken from onegratenews.com

What can be classed as a reworking contemporary pop and rock tunes to fashion new arrangements for them; the changing variety of weekly guest musicians at The PostModern Jukebox Edition will cast these modern favourites in an unpredictable variety of musical styles from the past, creating an unbeatable infectious energy at Monti.

Come on down for an evening of the best in music whilst sipping on one of their jazz history-inspired cocktails, specially crafted by their very own in-house mixologist, Joseph T. Millar. If you do see me around, let’s say Hello!

For dining reservations, please call +65 6535 0724, alternatively reservations can also be done through Quandoo.

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