Tokujin Yoshioka X LG: SF_Senses of the future

In this Milano Design Week, the largest and most famous event celebrating design from all over the world will be showcasing a collaborative, large-scale light installation by LG and Japanese designer Tokujin Yoshioka.

Named Tokujin Yoshioka X LG: SF_Senses of the Future, the impressive work seeks to illustrate humanity’s relationship with the natural world and to illuminate LG human-centric design philosophy. The installation is on exhibit from 4-9 april at Superstudio Più in Milan.

Tokujin Yoshioka X LG: SF_Senses of the Future offers visitors a feast for their senses and a taste of what the future holds by combining LG’s cutting-edge technology with Tokujin Yoshioka’s groundbreaking experimental design techniques. One part of the exhibition conveys the story of hope for the future through a commonplace object in people’s lives – the S.F chair. But these are no ordinary chairs, they are borne of science fiction. A total of 17 S.F. chairs have been artfully ensconced with LG’s advanced organic light-emitting diode (OLED) displays. The chairs are both static and dynamic because of the brilliant flashes emitted from the double-sided panels and portray a meditation on the blindingly fast speed of modern day life. Visitors will be able to sit in the S.F chairs, experiencing simultaneously the next-gen of display technology.

Another feature of the exhibition, Wall of the Sun, is represented by a 16-metre wide and 5-metre tall structure comprising of nearly 30,000 individual OLED light modules radically different from traditional bulbs. The wall undulates gently, flashing inviting rays of light and simulating the comfort and warmth felt on bright, sunny days. This extraordinary installation offers a unique glimpse of how human-centric lighting can transform space in the near future.

“This collaboration was a great experience for me as well as a challenging opportunity to create a work of art that has never been seen before”

Tokujin Yoshioka
“Through this large-scale installation and LG’s advanced technology, I believe that people can rediscover their relationship with the natural world in a more sensual way”

“It was a great experience working with Tokujin Yoshioka and witnessing the artistic way he wove LG’s technology into his ideas”
– Noh Chang-Ho, head of corporate design at LG Electronics
“LG’s design philosophy is to push the boundaries of innovation while simultaneously empathising and identifying with the needs of individuals. This exhibition collaboration was a unique opportunity to see a different interpretation of LG’s pursuit of innovation for a better life.”

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