Guide to Hong Kong’s Instagram-able Art

 As a major art hub in Asia, Hong Kong is a site for artists to showcase their works to the world, and for art enthusiasts to see the latest developments in the scene.
This summer, Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) is presenting vacationers the vibrant city’s biggest street art festival at 64 Wong Chuk Hang Rd, Aberdeen. This hip area does a wonderful job of presenting Hong Kong’s rich history, alongside the energy and free-spiritedness of today’s purveyors of pop culture. Immersive and authentic, it is very close to experiencing the city like a local.
We are offering you a preview to the HKWalls 2017 in order for you to plan your outfits for the OOTD shots in Hong Kong.
Let the art of Filipino muralist Kris Abrigo bring a colourful new dimension to photos through his distinct palette, geometric designs, and inventive use of textures.
Indonesian artist Tuts loves high contrasts and layering in his graffiti art, making his work a perfect background for street wear looks.
Be sure to capture the distinct gritty surrealism of Jecks style, a product of over a decade’s worth of exploration of the psychology behind graffiti. 
Add a touch of the wild to your OOTDs through Mauy Cola’s murals. The Chiang Mai-based artist loves to incorporate various creatures from his hometown province as a way of paying homage to his past.
Zoom in on the explosive abstract art of contemporary graffiti artist Abdulrashade, whose works are an innovative mix of flora and fauna with a touch of Nusantara culture.
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