Travel Locks Enter The 21st Century With Launch Of Airbolt In Singapore

The AirBolt, a revolutionary travel sized lock that can be opened and tracked via your smartphone, is available for pre-order sale in Singapore via The AirBolt is the world’s first Bluetooth enabled smart travel lock that can be opened and closed via a smartphone, can be tracked through crowdsourced GPS network, will
automatically alert the traveller if they accidentally leave their luggage, can share access among multiple users, and includes anti-theft controls among other features. The AirBolt comes in six colours:

Monza Red, Amazon Green, Champagne, Cape Cod Grey, Persian Pink, Bondi Blue.


Gadget Goods Asia are offering a limited offer pre-order discount of 20% (from SGD109 to SGD87) for all Singapore residents when ordered through on or before June 20, 2018.

While travel technology has caught up with the modern world, the humble lock has remained unchanged for almost 140 years, with travellers experiencing the same problems as their forebears, including lost keys and forgotten combination codes. Travel lock keys are small, finicky and easy to lose. If you forget your combination, you’re stuck with two options: cutting it open, or sitting down and manually trying every combination before the lock can be opened.

AirBolt utilises cutting edge smart technology, bringing the travel lock into the 21st century. AirBolt uses leading Bluetooth 4.2 LE technology to talk to your smartphone via an app and unlock with a single push of a button as long as you are the owner and your smart phone is within range of the AirBolt. To prevent accidental unlocking, the AirBolt will simply relock itself if the rope is not taken out of the locking mechanism. AirBolt is easy to setup and use. Once you download the app, a step by step tutorial will have you going in no time. You can name your device, add a picture and even set up backup unlock codes for added piece of mind, and should you choose, you can protect your luggage further by adding a security pin to prevent unauthorised access by someone who just happens to have your phone.

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Keeping your luggage close
Occasionally, a traveller will need to rush to their gate or train, and accidentally leave a bag behind. With the AirBolt, you can set distance controls which alert you either via the app or by using the built-in buzzer on the AirBolt if you get separated from your luggage. This is also useful if someone is trying to be sneaky and run off with your luggage! You can also set off an alarm manually if you can’t find your AirBolt, or if your luggage is somewhere around you but can’t be found.
Landing at your destination and finding out that your luggage hasn’t made it is a very real scenario that millions of people face every year. With the AirBolt’s crowdsourced GPS network, travellers will be able to see their luggage’s last seen location. This is particularly helpful if you have reached your destination from a multi-stopover flight and reduces the hassle in communicating and tracking your luggage with the Airline staff! You may even be able to have your luggage returned to you much faster.

Sharing with trusted friends
The AirBolt goes beyond a travel lock. Sending a package to a friend and want to ensure it only gets opened by them? The AirBolt allows you to hand-off access to anyone you like. As long as you are the owner, you will be able to revoke access from any shared users.

The AirBolt is durable and rugged, with its body made from die-cast Zinc, and the rope made from sturdy stainless steel. The size of the AirBolt is 55mm (less than 2.2in) wide and 16mm (0.63in) thick and weighs in at approximately 60 grams. The design of the AirBolt allows you to lock your luggage from one of three different zones, including a space to thread the rope through a zipper.


About Gadget Goods Asia
Gadget Goods Asia is a distribution firm with a difference. Based in Singapore with an Asian reach, they distribute a range of consumer products throughout the region, accessing hard-to-reach retailers, negotiating distribution channels and generating sales. Their local experience and knowledge allows them to act faster, and grow product sales in a more sustainable, cost-effective way. Gadget Goods Asia distribute travel gadgets and products through their own network and sales channels, as well as
through The Airbolt21151-Edit-Print

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