Convenience of postage paid doorstep delivery – SMARTPAC

In my line of work, I handle a fair bit of mailing out stuff, besides that I also run a mini online store on Carousell. One of the key component of getting my items out will be getting them into the hands of the buyer at the lowest cost, and shortest possible time. I was excited to get the chance to try out SmartPac personally since for a while now, I am always a recipient of items in smartpac. But I get the impression that it is expensive or not worth the time to spend, so I stick to the traditional stamps or registered mail concept. Both of which have their pros and cons but mainly it is still troublesome to some extent for me.

PicsArt_10-06-01.55.47Coming back to SmartPac, I am always looking out for ways to help me in my daily life and work. As the title of this post says, convenience of postage paid doorstep delivery, one may link it to registered mail but trust me why I say it’s troublesome is because if there is no one at home then Singpost would naturally bring back the parcel (and that opens up a whole another issue to worry about).

But what would you say if I mention that for each unsuccessful delivery, the postman will deliver to letterbox instead? Isn’t that amazing? I mean most people nowadays are always out for work or school during the delivery period so it is a hassle if there is no one to receive the parcel for us. Hence this is one major factor of SmartPac that won me over.


With that said, I will show you how the SmartPac works:

  1. Go down to any Post Office Branch ( and purchase your SmartPac. You can also purchase the SmartPac online (* . In fact, if you know the weight of items that you regularly send out (referring to online shop owners or any work related courier that you may be involved in). Go ahead take your pick from the various selection of SmartPac packages and buy in bulk. Read on till the end of this post to find out why you should definitely buy in bulk.
  2. Fill in the details of sender and recipient on the SmartPac, pack items and drop at any Singpost bulk posting box or street posting box (if size allows)
  3. You can track the status of your parcel 24/7 since the tracking number is printed on the box itself. (disclaimer: Delivery within Singapore may take 3-5 working days)Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 2.26.31 PM
  4. Dear Mr Postman delivers SmartPac to recipient’s doorstep. If unsuccessful, postman will deliver to your letterbox instead.
  5. I had gone through the same experience myself just because I wanted to try out the whole SmartPac experience from the sender’s point of view. So I mailed out a few parcels of SmartPac including a couple of SmartPac Mini. In conclusion, I experienced the wholesome process of receiving the 3kg box and SmartPac Mini, personally from Mr Postman. Meanwhile I also sent a SmartPac Mini to my home address, and it was dropped into my mailbox because no one was at home to receive it at the point of delivery.

PicsArt_10-06-01.53.23The whole process was a breeze and super efficient. Before going to the Post Office to purchase the SmartPac though, I thought that after purchasing the box, I had to packed and re-queue to send in my parcel (as per registered mail) but to my delight, all I have to do is drop straight into the posting box!

Another note that I have to mention about the packaging, I went to the Singpost ready with my items and tape, etc to seal the box but my effort was all for naught, not that it is bad thing but because it is so user-friendly. The box have a self-sealed tape to secure all my items inside. It is accommodating for everyone making life way much easier.

Of course with that said, it is recommended to not send anything that is of high value (eg $1000 diamond ring) or precious items or item with high tendency of leakage unless sealed properly. We still have to exercise at own’s discretion when mailing out items, certain precious gifts are always great to be passed personally by hand.

For friends who would prefer to have it traceable yet sent direct to the mailbox, no problem! You can choose the Poly M, now how cool is that? I was looking to find the differences between the two until the answer pops right out into my face, when I want reassurance and favourability. The idea of knowing where the items are at any point of time (via the 24/7 tracking system from Singpost: and getting it delivered to you personally at your home or workplace.


Before we get all excited over the hype, let me share with you the unbelievable costing of the SmartPac (individual):

Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 1.20.43 PM

And who doesn’t love discounts so when I buy in bulk, I can enjoy up to 12% OFF!!!!* You have got to check out:

ANNOUNCEMENT! Singpost is having a Lucky Draw open to all of you and all you have to do is:

  • Upload a photo of you receiving or sending a SmartPac on Instagram (Check out my IG @zsiti__)

  • Like and follow @mysingpost, tag 3 friends and hashtag #SMARTwaytoPAC

  • 3 posts with the most number of likes win prizes over $100!


#SMARTwaytoPAC #SmartPac #MySingPost #SampleStore


*Minimum purchase of 20 pieces, products are sold in bundles of 10 pieces (per pack). Online ordering will need a minimum of 2 packs and it comes with free delivery. More details on bulk discounts here: ttps://


Cheers and Love,


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