Pledging their commitment to provide customers quality and variety of ready-to-eat meals, 7-Eleven Singapore serves up a new and improved range of freshly chilled products.

On top of introducing new and exciting flavours this year, 7-Eleven Singapore has also embarked on a project to improve the quality and taste of their existing products. Experts from Japan were engaged to improve 7-Eleven Singapore’s existing processes for their Onigiri range – from the raw ingredients used to the actual manufacturing procedures. The result is an improved and more flavourful Onigiri, with fluffy and chewy rice grains that’s best eaten warm in Singapore.

7-Eleven Singapore has also enhanced the recipe of one of their top selling RTE meals, the ever popular Nasi Lemak. Sticking through to their commitment of creating quality and tasty products for consumers, 7-Eleven Singapore has enhanced the coconut and pandan taste of the rice and introduced a more fragrant chilli sambal that’s sure to pack a punch with the more flavourful chicken drumlet and quality ikan bilis.

Mr Kenneth Victor, Assistant Director of Food Services Development says, “7-Eleven is continually improving our selection of ready-to-eat meals, offering consumers a variety of on-the-go meals to suit any palate. By refreshing our offerings and improving the flavours and tastes of existing products, we aim to be the one-stop destination for peckish consumers looking to satiate their cravings, whenever, wherever.”

Apart from enhancing the flavours and quality of their existing products, 7-Eleven Singapore is also excited to introduce their brand-new selections – the Chilli Crab Onigiri and Chicken Congee.

Whether you’re craving Western delights, Asian cuisine or local hawker fare, 7-Eleven Singapore brings to you a variety of delicacies for every occasion – a wide range of RTE meals including grab-and-go snacks, full meals and even desserts!

The 7-Select RTE meals are freshly made to order – an assurance from 7-Eleven to its customers that every RTE item is prepared to its maximum freshness and is of high quality.

The latest NEW wallet-friendly RTEs include:

  • Chilli Crab Onigiri ($2.00) – A locally-inspired Japanese rice triangle filled with real crab meat and authentic chilli crab paste.
  • Chicken Congee ($2.80) – A warm and savoury meal that reminds you of home, the new Chicken Congee RTE is made for any and every occasion.

    Improved flavours that are a must-try include:

  • Unagi Onigiri ($2.50) – Enjoy the exquisite taste of Japan – caramelised grilled eel wrapped in a Japanese rice and seaweed triangle is a top-seller here in Singapore.
  • Takana Mentaiko Onigiri ($2.00) – Quality Mentaiko and a refreshing mix of Japanese mustard greens and grains that’s sure to hit the spot.
  • Tuna Onigiri ($2.00) – An all-time best-seller, the Tuna Onigiri represents comfort food that hits the spot – an Onigiri flavour that consumers have come to love
  • Nasi Lemak ($3.20) – 7-Eleven’s RTE Nasi Lemak now boasts an improved recipe, elevating this Singaporean’s favourite.

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