A fabulous life with Finely Cup (FABLife)

PicsArt_10-20-05.11.04Last month passed like a breeze from birthday celebrations to my overseas trips, events and what not. One of the main highlight is the event I went with a group of girlfriends for the Live, on-site experience with FabLife.

Before I go on any further, let me share with you more about Fablife. As I spoke to the Founder, Alice I gotten some insights from her and these points from the website

1 “They (Fablife) believe that the essence of life is expressed through beauty, arts and fashion and through the three we can achieve a “fab life” without limits”,

2 “our motto is steeped in simplicity – no fuss, no hassle and more importantly, our products are scientifically backed”,

3 “you become a better you”.

I could not agree more with her after listening, watching the demonstration with my own eyes and also after a month worth of experiencing the products myself, I am sold.

To begin the whole process, I am sharing in this post about the FABSHAPE. Before I went for the session, I had to answer a few simple questions but I am going to touch on the one important question for me:

“what are the improvements which you would like to achieve over the next 6 months?”

IMG_20181020_134950~2Seriously, I believe with dedication and commitment everything can be done am I right? There are so many things that I want to achieve but then again it is so much easier said then done. Going back to their belief, “simplicity, no fuss, no hassle”.

From the beginning of the session, Alice went through in detail the exact procedure as one would go through as a patron to her business. She briefed to me what my concerns were and how she has the solution to them, then we strip down to business (aheem literally), so that she can take a measurement of my ribcage(band size) and the fullest part of my bust. At the same time, she continues the communication to address my concern of the type of bra I am looking for as well as what type would be the best fit for my body type.

She then brought in a few Finely Cup bra for me to try out and once I have the bra on; she assess the fit of the bra and then guide the proper way to put and “fit” the cups. Finally, she fine tune the fit by adjusting the straps and checking key areas: band, cups and strap to ensure perfect fitting.

Immediately after trying the first pair, I see the results that I wanted. The perkiness, missing back fat and the most glorious, deepest….alright you got the idea, it’s a woman’s pride. I was asking Alice, is this just a temporary measure to which the reply was rather surprising! but before I give you her answer…

Prior to this, I do go for bra fitting and most shops basically guide me through but due to laziness and other factor, one simply likes to go for shortcuts in life. So I do have my regrets on that (namely sagging issues, muffin tops, etc) but meeting Alice, she is saying there there IS A SOLUTION to undo any damage.


As the saying by Zig Ziglar goes,  “you are the only person on earth who can use your ability” well now I have the right “tool” to accentuate and use my ability.

Well, the surprising reply from Alice was that, our body is an amazing gift that can be moulded, shaped and … you guess it, reshaped.

What do I mean by that?

These are the 10 benefits from using FABShape (Finely Cup):

  1. Non wired/seamless for full comfort and outline invisibility
  2. Proper shaping and adjustment of bust by effective “gathering” of breasts.
  3. Sweat absorbent and breathable
  4. Great fit, support and lift.
  5. Prevention of breast sagging, and breast going sideways, and helps to shape the “double” meat on the side chest.
  6. Gentle, skin-friendly and super soft
  7. Flexible and elastic
  8. Improves breast shape and breast fat position
  9. Prevent and battle breast-related diseases.
  10. Featuring the comfortable built-in memory cushion in the cups, it offers superior breast centralisation and lift, and performs just like any other wired bra, complete with the push up power and support one desire.

Coming back to how I have worn Finely cup bra for the past one month, I am surprised by how good the support is. Personally I don’t go for wired bra because it usually gets uncomfortable after a long day or it just gets annoying at times ( the guys won’t get it). That is why, we yearn to rush back home at the end of the day to release the “sisters”…FREEDOM!!!


Remember the immediate change that I saw upon trying the Finely cup bra for the first time, this is after a month’s use I can see that the “double” meat on the side chest have reduced (points mentioned here, can only be verified in two months’ time when I go back to Alice for my next follow-up, because I believe in investing in myself with the right product when I see results, and I believe in following through the whole routine and process. There is no shortcut in life and even in the most simple process, it starts with a first step that you need to take). Gosh golly, I need to mention as well that the most hated “back fat” is jolly well gone and the key to that was the proper way of bra fitting #AMAZING.


Going through my first pair of Finely Cup bra, I have here the Curve series Mesh Lacy bra without underwire. Upon closely studying the bra, the workmanship of the design and material is very intricate and delicate at the same time. Without any help of a wire, the bra is strong enough to support the breasts and in fact form a solid shape. The simple criss cross in the front have also been well thought and placed to form a safety net of some kind to give a great fit and breast centralisation.

They carry plenty of designs, colours, shapes and sizes to fit everyone and anyone. So if you are feeling kinda sexy go for the black like me (*wink*) or something cutie, go for pink or white even. You will be swayed by how many options there are for you to choose from.img_20181028_132631.jpg

As you can see here, the material is made with a blend of skin friendly cotton and spandex to increase overall comfort and elasticity. It feels soft, comfortable yet preventing sagging through the improved elastic properties and adjustable bra strap. I can feel my skin remain well ventilated for the whole day due to the breathable material.

The R.R.P for this bra is $93 but pay attention to the end of my blog as always, good stuff cannot bluff (i will share more promotion just for you!) The price is totally worth it for the comfort and it comes in a set together with a panty.


Now is the time, as promised!

To purchase any products from FABLife, don’t forget to use my promo code ‘FABLEBRATE1125’ for an exclusive 15% discount! This code is valid for single use only and expires on 25 November 2018. 

Be sure to also follow FABLife’s Facebook for more updates and details too. 

Besides all that, if you have a burning question(s) that you need answers head down to their page here to leave them your question, here

PS: Just for this special moment, I am going to do a second post to be released tomorrow for another Fab..ulous product from FABLife. So stay tuned! (…it comes with MORE discounts as well ;))


Cheers and Love,



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