I survived a 7 days #Fablife diet and clean routine

If you think the title was leading you to a crash and burn diet and clean eating, well you are wrong. If you have been following my previous post released yesterday, link here, I am going to talk about 2 other products that I have recently discovered and gotten to try out from FabLife ; Venna Indox and Venna Rice Spa.


IMG_20181020_120053~2By means of consumption, Venna Indox is one of their product that is basically made of enzymes. Enzymes regulate almost every chemical reactions in our bodies and nonetheless when we age or fall sick, this process may be compromised. That is where we need to depend on external forces like consuming Venna Indox to ensure the process never stop or deteriorates.

In the Venna Indox, there are eleven key ingredients built in and they include apple fibre, raspberry, plum, aloe vera and wheat grass (notice how these are basically fruits and vegetables which natural ingredients). Because of the fruit ingredients, it naturally gives a sweet taste to the drink itself. I enjoy drinking things that I enjoy, as much as I do drink chinese medication, having some fruity drink as part of my morning and night routine doesn’t seem so bad.

There are many reasons why we get constipation, bloatedness, or even halitosis (to a certain extent for some). For me, I easily get bloatedness and a full belly there are many reasons that contribute to that such as stress, lack of exercise, dehydration amongst others. This may lead to a build-up of metabolic waste in the body that cannot be successfully eliminated.

IMG-20181020-WA0004For the 7 days, of consuming the Venna Indox I did 2 times for the first 5 days and then 1 sachet a day for the last 2 days. The difference was real, when I drank a glass in the morning during the interim of my day at work or rest I would have my normal meals breakfast, lunch and dinner. Between lunch and dinner, I would have the sudden urge to go to toilet to clear and boy do I mean clear.download

As explained by the professionals during the live demonstration this is normal, basically it is my body reacting to the whole process of clearing the toxins in my body. I have never felt so good after each toilet visit. When I drink a sachet at night before I sleep, I am imagining the whole”factory” in my body working on the lunch and dinner that I had consumed for the day and preparing for release in the morning. In the last two days when I only took one sachet a day, I drank it in the morning to prepare my stomach for whatever I was going to put inside my body, I did not feel I was being shortchanged by  lesser visit to the toilet or whatsoever. This means once the Venna Indox started working inside of me, it gets cleaner over time and one positive aspect of this means my body would be able to absorb the nutrients in my food and supplements properly.

Which brings me to the next key point, if the ingredients are natural and we can get it in our normal food so why do I need Venna Indox?

I have the answer to the question which I had asked myself, in my point of view if our body is not fully cleansed and the parts are either clogged or blocked then there is no way nutrients will be absorbed. Eating the right fruits and vegetables also have to be in moderation and right proportion to ensure that it gives the balance we need to have efficacy of the process.

Thus Venna Indox have been created with the harmonious mix of natural fruits fibre with added enzyme to give 7 key benefits:

1 Detoxification

2 Promotes Liver Protection

3 Regulates Body Function

4 Enhance Cell Revitalisation

5 Promotes colon purification

6 Beauty & Wellness

7 Boost Immunity

FABLife truly believes in developing products and processes that have been scientifically studied and created so there is nothing mysterious of how the product works. To illustrate it casually, when I drink a sachet of Venna Indox, it alleviates indigestion by replenishing the enzymes in my body to aid in the breaking down of food, then the fibre expands along the digestive path oall the way down to my intestines, where the fibre starts to collect and during the day as I actively move around, the fibre literally shakes off and pulls any toxins/solids/clogging on my intestine wall and will further be broken down to materials that would be secreted out of my body.

So you see, nothing magical or mysterious about it. Remember SIMPLICITY!

I did my review based on a 7 days programme with a box of  Venna Indox, which contains 12 sachets and it retails at S$48.50; as always be my reader and you can get access to exclusive discount. Read on further to the end of this post! #promocode


IMG_20181020_120112~2After talking about things consumable, let us move on to a product that is applied topically, Venna Rice Spa. The key phrase from this product will be “Back to beauty in 7 days”, Venna Rice Spa is a special mix that cleans, scrub and acts as a mask as well.

The power of Venna Ricespa goes beyond just feeding our skin with the food and moisture it needs. Holding on to the belief of natural health and beauty, ingredients such as talc, mineral oils & synthetic fragrances are avoided in Venna Ricespa to ensure the beauty & power of Nature. This well-loved therapeutic skin product have been crafted from the likes of simple natural ingredients such as oatmeal, rice enzyme and tea tree oil.

If you are looking for benefits of beautiful skin, it can be termed as the following which Venna Ricespa aims to achieve:

1 Natural brightening effect, chemical free

2 Bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, anti-sensitive

3 Reduce skin dullness, spots and sign of ageing

4 Improves skin elasticity and moist

5 Antibacterial and antioxidant benefits

6 Eliminate fatigue and restore vitality

7 Reduce fine lines & wrinkles

8 Replenish skin nutrients

As I have mentioned in my previous post, here

The weekend visit to the SOHO office was full of educational sharing, live demonstration and guidance. I managed to personally see the Venna RiceSpa at work, where Penny did a demonstration on my hands to show the effect of the Venna RiceSpa.

To get the natural beautiful skin we desire, it can be done in 3 simple steps:

1 Mix one sachet of rice scrub into 12ml water, stir well until it forms a smooth paste (* there is a small measuring cup provided in the box)

2 Gently massage on face (& neck if desired) with fingertips using circular movement

3 Leave for 10-20 mins and rinse off with water.

As you can see from the simple process, it is similar to the application of normal face mask or face scrub.


Part of step 2 is to apply the scrub in gentle, circular motion


Final stage is to wash it off with water after 10-20 mins.


If you cannot see clearly the colour difference, this photo was unedited and someone helped me shoot this picture at an angle where my natural skin colour shows properly on screen. Not affected by room light or sun light. Results shown clearer, brightened skin and fine lines were reduced dramatically.

GREAT NEWS for those of you with sensitive or acne-prone skin, Venna RiceSpa cleanses gently and this is the natural therapy that your skin cells desires. An extra information for all of you to see how this product is a winning product, both Venna Indox and Venna RiceSpa were awarded Best Organic/Natural Product Supplements and Best Newcomer 2018 Best face saver whitening/Brightening from Beauty Insider.sg Awards 2018. They are recognised, guys!



If you are interested to purchase any products from FABLife, don’t forget to use my promo code ‘FABLEBRATE1125’ for an EXCLUSIVE 15% discount! This code is valid for single use only and expires on 25 November 2018. 

Be sure to also follow FABLife’s Facebook for more updates and details too. Thank you for reading! 🙂

Cheers and Love,


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